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Vivah Karma Puja

  There are many quotes on marriage like: “ A successful marriage is falling in love many times always with the same person” “Remember that creating a successful marriage is like farming you have to start over every morning” This shows that marriage is an important phase of life, rather very important. It is the beginning of a long satisfying soul -searching soul nourishing restorative and supportive partnership. But in case of few people marriage does not come up so easily. It is delayed causing frustration or suspense, particularly in case of a girl as that leads to sadness and worry to parents and siblings. In other case, marriage does not work well causing breakup or eternal bickering. In Hinduism it is believed that marriages are made in Heavens or are pre-decided or predetermined. This means that marriage has a divine element too. But if the pre destined marriage is delayed inordinately or does not take place, it means there are certain causes for this delay. The delays may be du