Vivah Karma Puja


There are many quotes on marriage like:

“ A successful marriage is falling in love many times always with the same person”

“Remember that creating a successful marriage is like farming you have to start over every morning”

This shows that marriage is an important phase of life, rather very important. It is the beginning of a long satisfying soul -searching soul nourishing restorative and supportive partnership.

But in case of few people marriage does not come up so easily. It is delayed causing frustration or suspense, particularly in case of a girl as that leads to sadness and worry to parents and siblings. In other case, marriage does not work well causing breakup or eternal bickering.

In Hinduism it is believed that marriages are made in Heavens or are pre-decided or predetermined. This means that marriage has a divine element too. But if the pre destined marriage is delayed inordinately or does not take place, it means there are certain causes for this delay. The delays may be due to mundane reasons or due to astrological hiccups but for all of them there are reasons and remedies:

First the mundane reasons:

A person is career oriented.

A person has family responsibilities. This includes both boys and girls.

A person is selective or choosy

A person gives more importance to other factors of life than to marriage

Personal Beliefs.


First it is good to know that this science is not an exact science and findings may be agreeable or otherwise. We only enumerate hereunder the findings which are generally believed to be nearer truth or plausible:

(a) If the sun is placed in the seventh House in the horoscope, there may be delay in marriage. Seventh house is the house of marriage or Jaya Bhava.If Venus is ( shukr) is sandwiched between malefic planets like sun and Saturn (shani) there is possibility of delay.

(b) Jupiter (Brihaspati) is the planet for female and controls many things of life like marriage, luck, children etc. If it is retrograded or combusted, it causes delay in marriage or disharmony.

(c)If Mars (Mangal) also known as red planet or God of anger is in the 7th House, then the person shall get late marriage generally after the age of 28 years.

(d) If Rahu sits in the 7th House, it makes person obsessive and hence delay or unconventional marriage is possible, or if Ketu is in the seventh house, the person having this is disinterested in marriage, but if the Ketu is affected by Jupiter (Brihaspati)or Venus, the result may be good.

There could be many other combinations or permutations which however could be resolved through the guidance of good astrologer or Pandit or a Sage.


These are few of the beliefs or methods which have been followed in general by majority in India

(a) She should fast for sixteen consecutive Mondays, and offer Abhishek with sacred water to Shivling, dress up as Parvati (yellow clothes) and tie knot to idols of Shiv and Parvati.She should recite following Mantra too in front of idol of Goddess Durga:

Om Katyayani mahabhage maha yogini

Adhishararim Nand gop sutam devi patian me karute namah.

(b) Recite Gauri Shanker Mantra as a second option “Hey gauri shankra ardhangini yatha tawam shanker priya Tatha ma kuru kalyan

Kanta kantam sudur labham

(c)Girls should feed green grass or Palak (Spinach) to Cow regularly

(d) Recital of Chaupai of Sant Tulsidas 108 times is also useful.

(e) Wear a locket of Shivling in her chain made from amber gemstone.

(f) Those affected by Rahu should worship Godess Durga. This can remove obstacles.

(g) Some perform Tulsi marriage too.

(h)There are many specific temples all over India where if with appropriate offerings puja is conducted with utter belief and devotion desired results are there to see.

(I) Girl should wear new clothes during marriage talks. If marriage talks are breaking off often, then do not wear shoes/slippers in room where marriage talks are being held.

(j) Girl can offer water at the Pipal tree for 43 days and also light a lamp(Diya) there but not on Sundays.


(a) Do not wear any stone or yantra without consultation of astrologer or gemstone expert.

(b) If you are conducting any puja or reciting any specific mantra do not discontinue. Some remedies take time.And do it on fixed timmings you will get better results.

(c)Do not keep mirror in your room. Rather keep a picture of Shiv-Parvati idol.

(d) Avoid arguments with Parents or elder relatives on this issue.It is good to keep calm.

To be concluded : In the next part we shall discuss other forms of delays and remedies. These are general beliefs and remedies which are followed since generations. A belief in what one is doing is essential for getting the desired results. After all belief is the anchor of life.

By : Suresh Mandan

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